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Physiotherapy for Lane Cove and North Shore

Serving Lane Cove, North Shore and surrounds, Action Plus Physiotherapy aims at providing the best experience for our patients, from state of the art equipment to aid in your treatment, products to purchase to enhance your at home recovery, relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere and high quality, friendly service.



Action Plus Physiotherapy is located down an arcade in the main hub of Lane Cove on Longueville Rd. The building has rear access and a lift for those with mobility restriction or injuries that affect ones ability to use stairs.

We have the HICAPS machine that allows private health care rebates to be done on the spot. We have been approved BUPA first members for years enabling  those clients further discounts. We accept all major cards not Amex. Medicare claims can be done instantly (A GP referral form is necessary) And lastly we are able to process workcover, motor vehicle and DVA clients.

If you arrive early for your consultation you can sit back, read the current magazines, enjoy yourself in our electronic massage chair and soak in relaxing aromatherapy


What to expect in a typical consultation

During your consultation you will be greeted by our friendly reception staff and shortly after your condition will be thoroughly assessed, questions answered and appropriate equipment and treatment selected to help you gain the most positive outcome from our physiotherapists

The team at Action Plus Physiotherapy are very hands on and focus mainly on manual treatment. Your physiotherapist will determine the best treatment for your condition and can implement the use mobilisation, manipulation, deep/ soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, traction, kinesio taping and sports strapping, dry needling, spooning and many other techniques gathered over years of experience.

Action Plus Physiotherapy is equipped with treadmill, step machine, exercise bike, mini trampoline, wobble boards, stretch bands, therabands and Swiss balls.
We also use devices such as interferential and ultrasound machines, heat and ice packs, finger webs, Theraputty, weights and much more depending on your condition.

At the end of your consult, in addition to the reduction of your symptoms and pain and being on the road to recovery you will be sent home with advice for what activities you should take part in or stay away from, stretching and strengthening exercises as appropriate and even techniques you can use at home to manage symptoms.

Action Plus Physiotherapy is a child friendly practice where you are welcome to bring children of any age who, will be looked after during your consultation free of charge.




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