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Physiotherapy for Seniors

Due to popularity we are now offering a third class on Tuesdays at 9:30am.

For those wanting to improve their fitness, health and overall wellbeing, or just get out of the house, this class is perfect for all seniors regardless or age or agility.

Exercise routines differ weekly with classes being individually tailored to your strengths. Furthermore, a friendly and welcoming environment provides support help you achieve any particular health goals.

Classes incorporate the use of gym machines and equipment and the use of aerobics style classes.

Seniors Exercise - Fit'n'Well Class every Tues 9:30am, Wed 3pm & Fri 9.30am ~ 45 min duration

Costs: $15 per class, (or get a 10 x class pass $120 & SAVE $30!!) $12 only with a seniors card. So book your spot or just come early.


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