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Workplace Health Assessments

Work health assessments/pre-employment screenings determine existing conditions, capabilities or other factors that could pre-dispose a person to possible ill-health by matching their physical and mental capabilities to the requirements of a specified task/s.

Everyone – the worker, PCBU and treating doctor – is a key participant in this process and has an important role to play in achieving a successful outcome from the health assessment.

Work Health Assessments:

  • Before starting employment
  • Before placement in a new job or work environment
  • Periodically as prescribed where necessary during employment
  • For rehabilitation and return to work following illness or injury, or
  • Cessation of work due to disability or ill health

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach – work health assessments should involve specific tests and screening required for the identified respiratory hazards at the PCBUs workplace, such as spirometry and lung function tests. Action Plus Physio have completed workplace health assessments across a wide range of industries such as building and construction and public administration and safety.

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